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1 Portable Glass Nail File

1 Portable Glass Nail File

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Our new and improved portable glass nail files are super gentle on your nails unlike traditional emery board files. Glass nail files help prevent splitting, cracking and peeling as they glide across, instead of tearing your nail, leaving a super smooth edge. You can even file back and forth with these! 

Glass files are also very hygienic because they are non-porous, meaning no bacteria or debris can grow or get trapped on the file surface. The best part is they last a lot longer than emery boards too!

Since we're all about portability here at NBM, we added a ball chain feature which makes it easy to hang off your Cuticle Buddy®, our new bangle keychain, one of our lanyards or anything else you can think of. The file also comes with a protective velvet sleeve.

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