NBM Gives Back

Although NBM is a new small business, we still believe in doing our part to give back to our world and communities. So far, we have been able to raise $13,393.05 collectively with our amazing community via giveaway fundraisers, donation matches and donations from sales. NBM has NOT ever received any tax breaks for any donations we’ve made.

eji logo 
EJI aka Equal Justice Initiative is "committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society." We launched this fundraiser giveaway in our first week of opening in June 2020 by encouraging people to donate at least $5 for the chance to win a Cuticle Buddy® and pledged to round up the total fundraiser amount. We were able to raise $745 in donations from our Instagram community and our $55 donation made it an even $800.

In honor of Black History Month in February 2021, we pledged to donate 20% of all profits from our newly launched starter kits, rounded up to the nearest hundred. By the end of the month, the total came out to $526.11 which we rounded up to $600, making our total contributions to EJI $1,400 going towards long-lasting change in prison reform and racial inequality, with the help of our amazing customer base.
logo for synergy today foundation
Synergy Today is a global volunteer network based in our hometown of Brooklyn, NY, dedicated to "supporting local community initiatives and international sustainable development goals." At the time of our fundraiser giveaway in September 2020 during back to school time, they were on a mission to build a school in Cap-Haitien, Haiti for children grades 1-6 with 6 classrooms, a cafeteria and a playground. By encouraging people to donate at least $5 for a chance to win a Cuticle Buddy® with a pledge to round up the total fundraiser amount, we raised $130 from the community and our $70 donation made it an even $200 towards helping the children in Haiti on a path to success.

breast cancer alliance logo
Breast Cancer Alliance is a charity working towards improving survival rates and quality of life for breast cancer patients by funding early-stage breast cancer research, fellowships for young doctors looking to fight breast cancer and providing early detection screening for under-served women. For the entire month of October 2020, we pledged to donate 25% of profits from all pink items sold to help #savetheboobies. We were able to raise $246.50, which we then rounded up to $300 for the fight against breast cancer with the help of our amazing customers. We had the same pledge for October 2021 and we were able to raise $297.50, which we rounded up to $400. For October 2022, we raised $445, rounded up to $500 bringing our grand total to $1,200!
Our first ongoing donation! Pure Earth is a charity dedicated to cleaning up toxic pollution around the world, in places that need it the most. Pollution is deadlier than HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB combined, war and violence. In May 2021, we pledged to donate 10% of proceeds from all refill sales, rounded up to the nearest hundredth, forever. As of April 2024, we were able to raise $8,572.45.

 When Ukraine came under fire in February 2022, NBM had to do something to help (our founder Meech is half-Ukrainian). But we knew that similar things have been ongoing in the world in lots of other places that aren't getting nearly as much attention, although they still deserve help. For 48 hours, NBM ran a fundraiser for CARE, a charity focused on providing immediate assistance to impoverished people going through humanitarian crises like this. They do work all over the world, from the Middle East to Latin America to Africa and now to Ukraine as well. NBM pledged to match all donations for this time period. By the end, our amazing community raised $1,030.32 and our match bought the total to $2,060.64 towards helping war victims everywhere.


As NBM grows, we promise to continue giving back to more causes on a regular basis in different ways, whether it be through fundraising giveaways or percentages of profits. We also encourage you to check out these awesome organizations and the amazing work they do. If you can, please consider donating to help. Every dollar counts towards making the world a better place!